Our mission

PREPARE. Love. Share.

Our goal is to prepare the Generation Alpha for a bright future at the dawn of Digital Darwinism.

This era will more than ever separate the educated from the wasteful, the poor from the rich and the creators from the consumers.

In a world where junk consumption invades every aspect of society, it is our mission to educate and empower the generation to come and share our tools from age 0 to raise future adults in the ways of self-reliance, discipline and balance

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in progress

Blocky’s quest

Blocky’s quest is the first digital project we implement following the Level 1 guideline. The beloved plush of a little boy has been turned into a video game hero through a multitude of short and fun computer sessions.

Our work includes many other approaches – more on that topic is to come soon!

momentum & habits

Growing ideas and creativity begins with practicing regularly.

Read The Power of Showing Up as it details ideas deeply rooted in our practice. Try the one-year pixel art challenge for instance. Enjoy the hindsight!

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No greenwashing

We don’t want our kids to buy into the fake renewables. We mean them to understand the difference.

Don’t be fooled by solar panels and local renewables. Daddy drives a 300hp Golf R instead of a Model 3. Why? Easy.


full STEM ahead!

There’s STEM and STEM.

Once suggests assembling a Kinder Surprise is STEM grade. The other cares about real science, Morty!

We test STEM toys on kids. Real kids.

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start small. get there.

the LEVEL 1 principle

The Level 1 Principle is the term we coined to describe the foundation of the Jolan.com ideal:
Maximise first, optimise afterwards. Always deliver.

Cover as much ground as possible before increasing the level of any link in your toolchain; inspired from role play games, the level 1 is where every skill starts. Before becoming a master in one skill of your character, make sure to have all the basic skills you’ll want to level through your journey.

With our use of STEM and video game development to put our vision in practice, we can’t insist enough of delivering. If we start something, we first focus on making sure that we can turn it into a deliverable as early as possible. This roots the idea of achieving things.

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Take this example: Fancy making a new platform game?

Make sure it builds, make sure it has a placeholder on an app store, make sure it appears on your portfolio. Don’t focus on adding that nice bubbling animation in the swamp if you don’t yet have decent set of on-screen controls. Cherish that unpolished token to remember the journey – and glow in the satisfaction of having a working product.


Rise of the polymath

Video game creation embodies our ideal of the polymath: Logic, graphics design, applied physics, story telling, music making, resourcefulness, …

More than a potential career line, it’s the discipline our kids need for a happy future in the era of Digital Darwinism.

We believe that whatever a kid enjoys can be turned playfully in a means to train a skill that will be useful throughout life.

In that we believe kids must be given the opportunity to take part to the creation of video games as it gives a hands-on approach to learning; it gives the full meaning of creative tools to computers and mobile devices – rather than being vessels of junk media consumption and social media toxicity.

It teaches every aspect one needs in a modern STEM world, from collaboration to listening, sharing, learning, teaching and more. The fundamentals of a functional adult life meets the necessities of a playful and creative kid.



Underage screentime?

Yes, we suggest screen time for toddlers. Screens are everywhere and should be integrated in their lives. Parents staring down a mobile phone send the wrong messageDon’t mistake our recommendation with advocating for the use of screens as a poor substitute for parenting.

You have a role and must break the image society has given to smartphones and computers through mind numbing scrolling & consuming: help us re-conquer the creative nature of computers and leverage that potential in mobile devices by showing the way!

Need examples?


The bedrock of creativity must be embraced!

Sketching, spacial organisation of post-its with bits of a larger story and what not.



If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, drawing screens are the gateway to pixellated beauty.

Be it digital painting, sculpting or pixel art, we see love how they turn a passive screen into an active creation medium. 


Learn your scales? Up to you. We believe a young polymath must have the tools to quickly turn an idea into a working draft.

There’s no better shortcut to a Level1 creation than an arpeggiated sountrack!




Omnipresent technology & communication at the service of a meaningful development in life is our goal.

Junk is everywhere; hiding from it will build no strength to fight its appeal and influence. From junk food to junk media, we believe the generation to come must be exposed mindfully to understand and overcome the underlying dangers.

We hope to build autonomy in recognising and swapping the roles: The dangerous master becomes an obedient servant.

hint – we used google translate to sound smart using latin. In case it means nothing, we intended it to mean “making makers”.
Witty eh?



Identity regained

In a world plagued by external sources of approbation and identity, our mission extends to help growing adults recentering their locus of identity by embracing a mindful desire to become self-reliant and immune to the toxicity of social media.

About us


We are the indigo children and today we have tools at our disposal that we built overtime to thrive in this world.

We are creators, explorers, parents, kids of the 80’s, businessmen, joggers and dreamers. We love life and we have one strong belief above all others: The more people are made autonomous in the face of their own happiness, the less likely pain will find its way in the world.

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