A HAPPY future

in the era of digital darwinism

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Starting in 2021

The Polymath 

We believe that the polymath gets the worm. The early bird starts learning to learn before he can read. And he learns to think. And he thinks so he can thrive.

We believe that the education system is a dying artifact from the industrial age; it rewards one’s capacity to learn passing an exam.

Long dead is the age where an apprentice would learn the craft from his master. One is taught to become employable. For their obedience, they get rewarded.

Jolan.com was founded to lead an effort where toddlerhood becomes the cornerstone of learning to learn. Developing one’s understanding to thrive.

what to expect

In the era of Digital Darwinism, an invisible wall splits the people who consume from those who create. In that world, the middle class shrinks, poverty goes rampant in the West and the rich has never been richer.

Jolan.com will share the path to happiness of toddler who learns his way in a world that’s changing faster than never before.